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The innovative products to improve your work from home experience

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Outdoor Working

With warmer weather and sunnier skies, getting outside with your laptop can seem very inviting.

The challenges are often poor visibility due to sun glare, and overheating. One of the best products for working from home has to be the new PROHOOD® laptop case.

This is a splash-proof, water repellent, quick drying, shock absorbing laptop case. Magnetic fasteners let you attach the canopy which blocks direct sunlight. The hood also acts as a privacy shield (ideal if you work with confidential material), covers from germs and protects from spills. Add a cold drink and sunscreen and you’re ready to get out working in the sunshine.

Shop PROHOOD® as featured in the article here

Original article by Louise Goss – The Homeworker Magazine

Read the full article on the Homeworker here

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Top Tips On How To Protect Your Laptop When Travelling

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Top Tips On How To Protect Your Laptop When Travelling

Avoid scratches, knocks, or spills to your laptop whenever you go away with these handy tips.

Hello Tech Lovers!

Now that the COVID travel and country entry restrictions, are gradually lifting from popular destinations, we can spend a bit more time travelling and visiting the countries we so miss. Whether it’s for a holiday, a business trip, see family or friends or even to relocate, the borders are slowly beginning to open up again.

As we have become more mobile in recent times, so have our work tools, entertainment, and ways of communication. Technology has allowed us to work, play and keep in touch wherever we roam. One such device which hasn’t hindered our need for travel is – the laptop computer. We use our laptops whilst travelling for office presentations, keeping the kids amused, and for important correspondence. However, the portability of the laptop can also be seen as a down side due its vulnerability to get damaged.

Laptops like other tech devices aren’t cheap – costly repairs and expensive renewals can add onto an already expensive excursion. The constant packing, repacking, lid opening and closing, spills, knocks, bumps, scrapes, germs and change in climates can all take the toll on your machine.

I have listed a few tips to help protect your laptop whilst travelling. The clear thing to do, to keep your laptop free from damage is to protect it with a case or sleeve, but I have included a couple of maybe not so obvious things to try.

  • 1. If flying, keep it close by in the overhead compartment, or better yet, under the seat in front of you. Don’t check it in with the other luggage – it could get squashed under piles of heavy luggage and break. Or worse, your baggage could get lost, losing your laptop and all your valuable data.
  • 2. Invest in an all weather laptop case, something that can withstand the elements. A laptop case that is splash proof, water repellent, quick drying and has U.V radiation resistant properties.
  • 3. Get your self a hardshell laptop case, one that can withstand knocks, bumps, scrapes and scratches – one that is shock absorbing. A robust laptop case that can handle hours of travelling.
  • 4. Power down and keep the lid closed as much as possible – laptop hinges can wear over time. The fewer times the lid is opened and closed the better.
  • 5. Use a cover – one that you can still use the laptop with. The cover will protect your laptop from spillages, straying germs and keep your on screen privacy.

business man packs a PROHOOD into his bag - click to view MNK - PROHOOD Laptop Case and Privacy Shield

No matter where you travel to or, how often – you can be rest assured that our high quality, light weight and robust laptop cases protect your tech cutting down on your expensive repair bills, costly repairs and reducing landfill waste. View our laptop cases including the PROHOOD® with it’s protective privacy screen / sun shade here

Hope you enjoyed this quick read on how to protect your laptop whilst travelling. Don’t forget to check out the blog archive below for more laptop protection tips.

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Adam – MNK Founder


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Your Laptop Computer Is The Dirtiest Tech Device You Use

Bacteria Growing In Petri Dishes. Did You Know Your Laptop Is The Dirtiest Tech Device You Own. MNK

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Your Laptop Computer Is The Dirtiest Tech Device You Use

How To Safely Clean Your Laptop Or Computer

Hello Tech Lovers!

Well, that is a gruesome title isn’t it! Not to fear, here are what’s hiding on your laptop and how to reduce them. And, if you haven’t read my last blog post – 3 Top Tips On How To Safely Clean Your Laptop Computer – And The Cleaning Products To Use. You can do so from the this link.

Hiding on your laptop is a whole host of bacteria. Your laptop is the dirtiest device you use and the most likely germs hiding on your laptop can lead to skin infections and pharyngitis.

If the rise of the Pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the regular cleaning of our hands and covering of our faces to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus. But, did you know your tech devices are already covered with harmful bacteria and the warmth of your computer is the perfect breeding ground for such germs.

A bacteria that can cause meningitis and food poisoning is one of the main culprits – Bacilli. Around 25% of harmful bacteria found on laptop keyboards is this nasty germ. So, you might want to think twice, before unwrapping your lunch time burrito after scrolling through your emails!

Your computer keyboards, mouse, mobile phones and track pads are all susceptible to housing bacteria that could potentially make you very sick according to a report by Tap Warehouse. This is all without the added germs being spread from straying coughs and sneezes. With so many germs found on the average laptop caused by cough splutter and sneeze mucus, laptop users could be permanently at risk of sickness. The average sneeze can send 10,000 contagious germs into the air at speeds of over 100 mph!

Get the perfect cover – use a PROHOOD® by MNK. It’s the quickest and easiest way to protect your laptop from the spread of germs. Easy to maintain too, with it’s wipe clean properties. It’s splash proof, water repellent and quick drying! Take a look here

  • View all the ghastly bacteria on your devices and at what percentage here
  • Buy your PROHOOD® here
  • Buy your tech device cleaning equipment here
  • Get your hand cleansing gel here
  • Read the full Tap Warehouse report here
Adam – MNK Founder