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Your Laptop Is Covered With Harmful Bacteria

Hiding on your laptop is a whole host of bacteria. According to a report by Tap Warehouse, your laptop is the dirtiest device you use. The most likely germs hiding on your laptop can lead to skin infections and pharyngitis, says Associate Professor in Microbiology at Northumbria University – Dr Amanda Jones.

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Around 25% of harmful bacteria found on laptop keyboards is bacilli – a bacteria that can cause meningitis and food poisoning. Computer keyboards are a prime host for bacteria, germs and mites. Keyboards are contaminated with a mix of harmful germs that could potentially make you very ill.

Take a look at our guide on How To Clean Your Laptop – it’s full of top tips on cleaning your laptop computer.

info graphic of germs found on computer mouse and laptop trackpad

Just like your grimey keyboard, your computer mouse or laptop trackpads are normally just as riddled with bacteria. You might want to think twice, before unwrapping your sandwich after scrolling through your emails at lunchtime!

info graphic detailing corona virus can last up to 3 days on your laptop

Using a PROHOOD® by MNK is a quick and easy way to protect your laptop from the spread of germs like Corona Virus. With so many germs found on the average laptop caused by cough splutter, sneeze mucus or everyday typing, laptop users could be permanently at risk of sickness whilst going about their day to day life.

Girl using a PROHOOD to protect herself and her laptop from straying germs from her colleagues sneeze in the office

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Desks and areas used regularly offer convenient locations for bacteria to gather. Laptops, computers, keyboards, mice and trackpads are all contributing factors and, ideal breeding grounds for germs and mites.

Humans are the most common source of bacteria in the workplace. If a work area and equipment are shared then germs are multiplied. Frequently cleaning of yourself, and your laptop is a great way to combat the spread of nasty bacteria.

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