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Hello & Welcome, I’m Adam

Having worked in many creative fields such as, Music, Fashion, and Graphic Design. I travelled extensively with my devices. The constant packing, unpacking, re-packing, spills, germs, dust, knocks, falls, scrapes and grime accumulated. If better protected, much of it would not need replacing as often as it did. I dread to add up the amount of money I have spent on tech devices – numerous external hard drives, countless flash drives and of course the many, many, laptops.

Technological devices have been designed so we can use them in a very mobile manner, we use them so often they become like an appendage. If not suitably protected – the wear and tear on our tech soon becomes apparent. Depreciation of the device’s value, a build up of dirt and harmful bacteria, knocks and bumps, all add up to increasing risk of greater damage – amounting to costly repairs. By not protecting your tech from damage and germs you are doing your health and the health of your device a huge disservice.

If better protection for your laptops, tablets, hard drives and mobile phones at affordable prices existed, costly repair bills would be dramatically reduced. This is why I started up MNK – to help better protect you, your valued tech devices and your data. By protecting your expensive tech with MNK, the need for repair will be minimized, you will renew your tech less, and the reduction of landfill waste will be noticeable.

It All Started Way Back When

Early 2016 I was in Australia for a DJ tour. One sunny day I was walking the streets of Melbourne and noticed a suited man at a bench outside a cafe with his jacket draped over his laptop – his back hunched and head tucked underneath his blazer. As I neared, I could hear the clickety-clack of his keyboard as he typed. I sat at a bench opposite, and began to sketch ideas and soon drew a device that could help the man not stoop, but sit comfortably to continue his work, while blocking the sun. The early drawings developed into PROHOOD®.

MNK Vision

  • Create more high quality, yet affordable protection for tech devices – What tech devices would you like protecting? Let me know.
  • To continue supporting our charity partners by helping to reduce landfill waste. Find out more on our charity page.
  • Introduce our ‘Plant A Tree’ scheme.

Designed And Developed in Britain – Inspired By The World.

MNK FOUNDER sitting in a sunny garden with laptop case on his lap
Adam - Founder, Designer, Developer, Tree Hugger.
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