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A pair of hands type on a laptop sat inside a prohood. The screen is concealed from the hood of PROHOOD

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Press Release – All-in-one Laptop Case, Privacy Shield, Sun Shade & Germ Blocker.

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MNK, Tech Protection. Announce the release of their long-awaited PROHOOD®. A splash-proof, water repellent, quick-drying, shock-absorbing laptop protector with an integrated splash resistant, water repellent, dark hood. Developed in the UK and inspired by his worldly travels, MNK founder – Adam Gibbs designed PROHOOD® to offer you the ultimate laptop accessory. It protects your device, your privacy and you.

    Fed up with knocks, bumps, scratches and dirt on your expensive machine? PROHOOD® can help protect it.
  • Annoyed with the sun and other light sources causing glare on your laptop? PROHOOD® can block it – reducing screen glare by 80% – 90%
  • Your laptop is the dirtiest device you use. Hiding on your laptop is a whole host of harmful bacteria, around 25% of which is bacilli – a bacteria that can cause meningitis and food poisoning. Keyboards contaminated with a mix of harmful germs could potentially make you very ill – Use the wipe clean, protective canopy of PROHOOD® to cover your laptop from straying cough and sneezes.
  • A Visual Hacker only needs one piece of valuable information top unlock a large scale data breach. PROHOOD® conceals your screen – keeping your sensitive data safe.
  • By donating your old laptop case to MNK you could help reduce landfill waste and claim a discount.

Shop PROHOOD® as featured in the article here

Read the full article via Business Mondays here

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Merry Christmas Tech Lovers!

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Merry Christmas!

And A Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas – Tech Lovers!

Christmas is a time for new tech – devices like, computers, laptops, mobile phones, data storage and more. These products all need protection from daily use including, knocks and bumps, spills and scrapes, smears and germs.

That’s where we come in, MNK specialise in tech protection. We provide you with high quality, lightweight and robust solutions to protect your tech – extending the life of your devices.

We have launched our online store and our premier product, PROHOOD® Laptop Case. It’s available now and we plan to release more laptop cases, and other protective cases for tech devices throughout 2022.

As well as protective cases we sell, computer cleaning products like, screen cleaner, microfibre cloths, air dusters and more.

Also, we have teamed up with the good folks at, Computers For Charities to help reduce landfill waste – find out more about our involvement via the website.

Buy your tech protection, tech cleaning tools and view our charity work MNK

Hope you all have a great New Year’s Eve!

Adam – MNK Founder