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How To Overcome The Elements When Using Your Laptop Outside

A girl sits in a deck chair at the beach with the sea behind her. She is wearing a bright yellow cover up. Learn how to stop glare on your screen - click the link below to read the blog post. MNK

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How To Overcome The Elements When Using Your Laptop Outside

Tips On How To Reduce Screen Glare

Hello Tech Lovers!

In this week’s MNK Blog I want to touch on how to reduce or even stop screen glare affecting your Laptop when using in an outdoor space. Below you will find some tips on how to do so and also, learn the mental health benefits of being outdoors.

In recent times, technological devices have become an integral part of of lives. Smart phones, smart TVs, tablets, smart watches and laptops are a common feature in the modern day house hold. Although, most are mobile devices which we can take out when we leave the house, the majority of them include a shiny screen.

Screen glare is a modern day problem when viewing our smart technology in the great outdoors. We at MNK have recognised this as an issue and have come up with some tips n tricks for you when using your laptop out side. Take a look at them below and tell me what you think in the comments – what do use to combat the glare on your laptop screen when using an outside office – like your garden?

Six Tips On Reducing Laptop Screen Glare

    • Make sure your sitting position is right.

Sitting with the sun behind you will shine directly onto you and your laptop. Move your sitting position so the sun is in front of you or beside you.

    • Adjust Your Screen’s Brightness.

Increase your Laptop screen’s brightness, via the control panel of your machine. A brighter screen will help combat the bright light of your surroundings.

    • Have a dark backdrop.

Where possible use a dark wall or another non reflective backdrop like a wooden shed, barn, or trees as your backdrop. A lot of the glare you see on your laptop screen isn’t coming directly from the sun – it’s reflecting off your surroundings. A bright object behind you will reflect back in your direction, this includes: windows, cars, garage doors and other metallic surfaces, brightly coloured walls, doors, sand dunes, lakes and rivers, washing on the line, tents, and even the blue sky.

    • Clean your screen.

This may sound like a not so obvious thing to do. However, a dirty screen with smears and fingerprints on will add to the glare. Clean your screen regularly with non alcoholic Lens Cleaner and a Microfibre Cloth to minimise glare when using your laptop outside. The non-alcohol solution will clean your screen with no streaks.

You can buy Lens Cleaner and get a free Microfibre Cloth from our store here

    • Wear dark clothing.

Wearing dark toned clothes will reduce the reflection back onto your laptop screen – it will have the same principal as a dark backdrop mentioned in tip 1. Wearing light colours such as, white or yellow like the girl in the picture above, will cause glare and reflection.

    • Cover your Laptop to add shade.

A canopy or screen will shade your device. However, the we believe PROHOOD® is the quickest and easiest way to add a canopy over your Laptop. It blocks light, reducing glare by 80% – 90%. Plus, it has U.V Radiation resistant properties and is splash proof, water repellent and quick drying. Allowing you to work stress free in almost any environment. Perfect if the clouds start to gather up above and a sudden shower begins. It is also, wipe clean – very handy for outdoor use and low flying birds!

Check it out below

Laptop sitting in a prohood under shadow from the dark hood

The Mental Health Benefits Of Being Outside

Working outdoors has been proven to help with depression and anxiety. According to the charity, Mind, the mental health benefits of being outside and around nature can improve your mood, reduce

stress or anger, improve confidence and self esteem. However, like anything else in life, it is better to be prepared than not being prepared. Having to work on the back foot all the time with constant adjusting and correcting will only add more stress to your day, delaying your tasks and enjoyment of being outside. Make the most of your time outdoors with the best preparation – see how PROHOOD® can help your outdoor working environment.

See the Mind website and learn how being outside benefits your mental health here

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I Hope you enjoyed this week’s quick read on, ‘How To Overcome The Elements When Using Your Laptop Outside’. Don’t forget to check out the blog archive for more laptop protection tips n tricks.

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Adam – MNK Founder #ProtectYourTech