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3 Top Tips On How To Clean Your Laptop Computer And The Cleaning Products To Use

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3 Top Tips On How To CLean Your Laptop Computer

And The Cleaning Products To Use.

Hello Tech Lovers!

This week I am going to give you, 3 Top Tips On How To CLean Your Laptop Computer, the how-to method, how often, and what cleaning products To Use.

OK, I know I know – the image above doesn’t feature a laptop, but you get the idea…

Your laptop goes through a lot over it’s lifetime. It’s subject to rough usage and requires more cleaning than a desktop computer. If you never clean your laptop, you’re doing your health (and the health of your computer) a huge disservice. Damage to your device could be significantly reduced by giving your laptop a regular clean.

The build-up of dirt, dust mites, grease and harmful bacteria often goes unnoticed. Laptop keys, USB ports, screens and fans all need a thorough cleaning – more than once in a while. Plus, a regular clean will dramatically reduce the impact of germs to your system.

Continue reading to get the top tips on how to clean your laptop, freeing it from harmful bacteria and how to keep it clean for extended use.

Before cleaning your laptop computer it is always best practice to power it down, disconnect the power supply and leads and hardware, and remove the battery.


  • Laptop Computer Fans
  • USB Ports
  • Battery Compartment
How Often:
Once a month

Can Of Compressed Air

Use the can of compressed air to squirt short bursts into your laptop fan vent, USB ports and battery compartment to free up dust particles.

Top Tip!

Use the extension straw of the compressed air to insert it into hard to reach areas.


  • Laptop Computer
How Often:
Every couple of weeks

Microfibre Cloth

Use the soft Microfibre Cloth to remove dust and grease from your laptop. The Microfibre Cloth is made from thousands of Microfibres making it great for picking up dust. It’s soft and safe to use on computer screens, mobile phones and tablets too.

Top Tip!

The more you use a Microfibre Cloth the less dust will build up on your computer or device over. Microfibre cloths are very durable and can be washed up to 500 times.


  • Laptop Computer Screens
How Often:
Once a week

Lens Cleaner

Use a Microfibre Cloth to firstly remove any dust, then squirt the Lens Cleaner sparingly directly at the laptop screen. Wipe the solution clear with a Microfibre Cloth making sure all areas are covered. The Lens Cleaner is an alcohol free solution so it won’t leave streaks and is great for getting that screen nice and gleaming!

Top Tip!

Use a different Microfibre Cloth to remove the dust than to wipe clear the Lens Cleaner.

To reduce the amount of dust, grease and germs building up on your laptop you need to cover it. PROHOOD® by MNK protects your laptop when in use with its integrated shield. It protects your privacy, covers form straying germs and acts as a light shade reducing screen glare.

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