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Scientists Use Bacterial Cellulose To Develop Alternative To Plastic

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Scientists Use Bacterial Cellulose To Develop Alternative To Plastic

Is This The End To Plastic Food Packaging?

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Researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong have created a biodegradable material, that could be used for food packaging instead of plastic

To make the material transparent, biodegradable, and an edible material. The team worked with bacterial cellulose – an organic compound derived from bacteria. However, bacterial cellulose does not react well to moisture in the air. To solve the issue, the scientists added soy proteins to the material and coated it with an oil-resistant composite.

Chemistry professor at the university, and study author, To Ngai – told, “This approach offers, a promising solution to the challenge of developing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging materials – that can replace single-use plastics on a large scale.”

The material can completely degrade in two months, and since it is edible, is safe for wildlife.

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