Stop Onlookers Looking At Your Laptop Screen

A pretty girl uses PROHOOD to protect her privacy from onlookers as she uses her laptop in a cafe. MNK

With PROHOOD® You Can Protect Your Privacy - Wherever You Use Your Laptop

Protecting your Privacy is as must, every time you use your Laptop outside you are allowing others to view your screen too. It only takes one of those viewers to be a hacker, taking in all that you type and watching you input your data. Whether it's your social media accounts, online banking logins or your work meeting notes, Visual Hackers can see what you enter.

However, now you can conceal your screen from others, protecting your on screen Privacy - keeping what's yours - yours with PROHOOD® As you can see from the image above PROHOOD® keeps out onlookers and allows you to use your Laptop freely.

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Original photo by Andrea Piacquadio