PROHOOD Is A Better Than A Cardboard Box

A Macbook laptop sits in a very large cardboard box to try and stop screen glare. PROHOOD is by far a better choice

In the image above you can see an alternative to PROHOOD to try and block the light to reduce screen glare on your laptop. We don’t recommend this option and believe PROHOOD is by far a better option for you.
Why? Well just look at the reasons below.

  • PROHOOD is high quality – An Accessory that has been built to a very high standard and will last you a long time
  • PROHOOD is portable – when you are done with using it to block the light on your laptop, simply zip it up and walk away
  • PROHOOD is versatile – Not only does PROHOOD block the light, it protects your privacy, can act as a germ blocker and protects your laptop when it is and is not in use.
  • PROHOOD is Protective – PROHOOD is shock absorbing, water repellent, wipe clean and quick drying. Cardbaord on the other hand is far from water repellent and shock absorbing!