Business Laptop Users – Learn How To Keep Your Privacy

A Business man talks on his phone while he types on his laptop in a public palce. His laptop screen is covered by PROHOOD to stop onlookers reading from his screen. MNK

Conceal Your Laptop Screen

Don't get your valuable data gleaned, conceal your screen. The information you enter into your Laptop can be easily lifted just by looking at it and watching you type.

White Hat Hackers, commonly known as Visual Hackers often only need just the one piece of vital information to cause an expensive data breach in your business.

If you use a Laptop for your business and in an open area such as an airport, cafe or train station you are exposing yourself to Visual Hackers.

You must conceal your screen from onlookers. With PROHOOD® by MNK you can do that easily and still work.

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